McCann Realty Group Ltd.

Jeff McCann

Sales Representative

Prior to becoming a real estate agent I worked as a sales executive in the industrial automation market for 30 years. Customer service has always been very important to me and I believe my strongest skill set is in sales. No matter how small the sale or lease it is important to deliver punctional and strong service to all of my clients. Beyond main focus of selling & leasing homes and condos I take great pride in assuring the best work is done behind the scenes of the for-sale sign. These activities can include various pre-listing activities from overseeing staging to fine-tuned marketing emphasis and sales service on each property.  I have developed a real passion for the condominium market in the central core as well as the waterfront. I believe anyone can see the four walls of a condo but it is my job to deliver the honest aspects (good or bad) of the particular condo my client may have interest in. This passion started from when I was the top selling agent for the condo development at Yonge & Lawrence – 3018 Yonge Street. My contacts and market research gave me the edge on sales and market share: as a result I was able to successfully secure and sell some the most desired suites in this complex.

I have also been active in helping many out of country clients with the successful purchase of investment properties in Toronto. Most recently I have developed a strong alliance with various Florida real estate agents that my clients have used to purchase Florida investment condos. These sales models require a strong alliance of not just the real estate agent but the services that can protect you when making a foreign property acquisition.

Golf is my true spare time passion – as bad of a golfer I may be, I still enjoy the game!