03 January 2021
Cheri McCann

Many homebuyers want to live in uncluttered, minimalist space. So, if you plan on selling, or you crave minimalist space, then you may want to clean out your closets and add some upgrades.

Built-in Cubbies: Cubbies are great for a wide arrangement of storage solutions. They can be used for off-season shoes, bags, folded up clothing or baskets filled with odds and ends. No time to build?...simply raise your hanging rod and bring in a dresser to create a built-in look.

Multi-level Rods: While a standard closet has a single rod hanging at eye level, a well-designed closet better utilizes the space with rods at multiple heights. Not only does this allow for more items to be hung, it also allows for people of various heights to comfortably access their items. Purchase or create a second hanging rod that drops down from your existing one. You can do this with some chain, carabiner clips and a broom stick. Even easier, just hang multiple hangars along a single chain.

Make it Flexible: One of the best closet design tips out there is to create a space that can be changed up as needed. Many store bought storage solutions come with adjustable shelves and rods, allowing for you – and future owners – to create a custom closet at a fraction of the cost.