19 March 2021
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Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas that will Completely Change your Space

The kitchen truly is the heart of the home, which is why it is of the utmost importance that it is kept in peak organization. Ever find yourself struggling to find the correct spice or oil? Do you find unopened expired products at the back of your cupboards? Does produce go to waste in your fridge because it is hidden by other products? If so, this list has you covered! See our easy and affordable ways to make finding utensils and ingredients in your kitchen stress free.

Nix the Packaging!

Food packaging takes up a lot of space and increases clutter in cabinets. Opting for clear plastic or glass containers is an easy way to improve the aesthetic. The containers will help minimize clutter and waste, as nothing will get lost in the back of the cupboards.

Printing labels for each container will help differentiate between products and create a crisp look.


Invest in a Spice Drawer 

Do you have a junk drawer in your kitchen? This can be transformed into the perfect spice drawer in just a few easy steps!

Purchase glass spice jars and bags of spices instead of pre-labeled shakers. This will save money and reduce waste from the plastic one time use spice containers. Lay the containers flat in alphabetical order for easy and quick access. To elevate your drawer one step further, purchase a drawer insert to lift the shakers for peak display.

A Lazy Susan is Perfect for Oils and Vinegars 

A Lazy Susan is a great accessory to store oils, vinegars, and any other sauces you keep in your cabinets. As oils are a basic staple for every meal, it is so important to have easy access. This will help save time and decrease clutter in your cupboards. Oils will be easy to grab and you wont waste money buying extras that you didn’t see stuck in the back behind other items.

Add Draw Dividers

Drawer dividers are a great investment for every kitchen! These are not only perfect to keep basic cutlery organized, but they are a game changer when it comes to other kitchen accessories such as spatulas, measuring spoons, tongs etc. Each utensil type has its own space for easy access and simple cleanup!

Rolling/Pull Out Drawers are a Game Changer!

If you are doing a renovation or designing your kitchen, rolling/pull out drawers are a must! These drawers are a great alternative to standard shelves. You'll be able to see everything in your cupboards and have easier access to organize and clean. 



If you do not have rolling pull out drawers, don't worry! Baskets are the perfect solution. They’re an easy spot to store snacks and other small packaged goods. Baskets can be pulled out for easy access and nothing gets left at the back of the shelves and goes to waste. Baskets are also a great addition to rolling pull out drawers to create top tier organization.


Bonus- Clear, Stackable Containers for Fridge Organization!

Most standard fridges only come with a few drawers and shelves for organization, this can create an easy environment for mess and disorganization in any fridge, especially if you have a large family. Clear, stackable containers are a fantastic solution for an organized and aesthetically pleasing space. Create a designated container for snacks, dairy, supplements, and any other product you may need for peak organization and accessibility.